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Wang JY, Braguy J, Chen G-TE, Jamil M, Balakrishna A, Berqdar L, Al-Babili S. (2022)

Perspectives on the metabolism of strigolactone rhizospheric signals

Frontiers in Plant Science 13, 1062107

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Ito S, Braguy J, Wang JY, Yoda A, Fiorilli V, Takahashi I, Jamil M, Felemban A, Miyazaki S, Mazzarella T, Chen GE, Shinozawa A, Balakrishna A, Berqdar L, Rajan C, Ali S, Haider I, Sasaki Y, Yajima S, Akiyama K, Lanfranco L, Zurbriggen MD, Nomura T, Asami T, Al-Babili S. (2022)

Canonical strigolactones are not the major determinant of tillering but important rhizospheric signals in rice

Science Advances 8(44), eadd1278.

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Wang JY, Chen G-TE, Jamil M, Braguy J, Sioud S, Liew KX, Balakrishna A, Al-Babili S. (2022)

Protocol for characterizing strigolactones released by plant roots.

STAR Protocols 3, 101352

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Jamil M, Wang JY, Yonli D, Ota T, Berqdar L, Traore H, Margueritte O, Zwanenburg B, Asami T, Al-Babili S. (2022)

Striga hermonthica Suicidal Germination Activity of Potent Strigolactone Analogs: Evaluation from Laboratory Bioassays to Field Trials.

Plants 11(8), 1045

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Jamil M., Wang JY, Yonli D, Patil RH, Riyazaddin M, Gangashetty P, Berqdar L, Chen GTE, Traore H, Margueritte O, Margueritte O, Zwanenburg B, Bhoge SE, Al-Babili S. (2022)

A New Formulation for Strigolactone Suicidal Germination Agents, towards Successful Striga Management.

Plants 11(6), 808

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Zarban RA, Hameed US, Jamil M, Ota T, Wang JY, Arold ST, Asami T, Al-Babili S (2021)

Rational design of Striga hermonthica specific seed germination inhibitors.

Plant Physiology. 1-16

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Braguy J, Ramazanova M, Giancola S, Jamil M, Kountche BA, Zarban R, Felemban A, Wang JY, Lin PY, Haider I, Zurbriggen M, Ghanem B, Al-Babili S. (2021)

SeedQuant: A deep learning-based tool for assessing stimulant and inhibitor activity on root parasitic seeds.

Plant Physiology 186 (3): 1632-1644

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Jamil M, Kountche BA, Al-Babili S (2021)

Current progress in Striga management.

Plant Physiology 185 (4):1339-1352

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Wang JY, Jamil M, Lin P-Y., Ota T, Fiorilli V, Novero M, Zarban RA, Kountche BA, Takahashi I, Martínez C, Lanfranco L, Bonfante P, de Lera AR, Asami T, Al-Babili S. (2020)

Efficient mimics for elucidating zaxinone biology and promoting agricultural applications.

Molecular Plant 13 (11):1654-1661

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Jamil M, Kountche BA, Wang JY, Haider I, Jia K-P, Takahashi I, Ota T, Asami T, Al-Babili S (2020)

A New series of carlactonoic acid based strigolactone analogs for fundamental and applied research.

Frontiers in Plant Science 11:434

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Jamil M, Haider I, Kountche BA, Al-Babili S (2019)

Effect of D-ring C-3’methylation of strigolactone analogs on their transcription regulating activity in rice.

Plant Signaling & Behavior 14 (11):12-14

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Kountche BA, Jamil M, Yonli D, Nikiema MP, Blanco‐Ania D, Asami T, Zwanenburg B, Al‐Babili S (2019)

Suicidal germination as a control strategy for Striga hermonthica (Benth.) in smallholder farms of sub‐Saharan Africa.

Plants, People, Planet 1 (2):107-118

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Jamil M, Kountche BA, Haider I, Wang JY, Aldossary F, Zarban RA, Jia KP, Yonli D, Hameed UFS, Takahashi I, Ota T, Arold ST, Asami T, Al-Babili S. (2019)

Methylation at the C-3′ in D-ring of strigolactone analogs reduces biological activity in root parasitic plants and rice.

Frontiers in Plant Science 10:1-14

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Hameed US, Haider I, Jamil M, Kountche BA, Guo XR, Zarban RA, Kim D, Al-Babili S, Arold ST (2018)

Structural basis for specific inhibition of the highly sensitive ShHTL7 receptor.

EMBO Reports 19 (9). doi:10.15252/embr.201745619

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Kountche BA, Novero M, Jamil M, Asami T, Bonfante P, Al-Babili S (2018)

Effect of the strigolactone analogs methyl phenlactonoates on spore germination and root colonization of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi.

Heliyon 4 (11):e00936

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Jamil M, Kountche BA, Haider I, Guo X, Ntui VO, Jia K-P, Ali S, Hameed US, Nakamura H, Lyu Y, Jiang K, Hirabayashi K, Tanokura M, Arold ST, Asami T, Al-Babili S (2018)

Methyl phenlactonoates are efficient strigolactone analogs with simple structure.

Journal of Experimental Botany 69:62319-62331

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